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Spouting & Guttering Services

There is no gutter job to big or small for Auckland Spouting & Guttering. We can replace your existing gutters or redesign your old gutters to better cope with the stormy weather of Auckland that can damage and overflow your current spouting and guttering


If you need a spouting or guttering installation in Auckland, call the experts at Auckland Spouting & Guttering today.



Installing new downpipes and guttering


Whether you are renovating or building a new home, efficient collection or disposal of rainwater is essential to the maintenance of your property. Downpipes and good gutter installation is essential to prevent leaks and water damage to foundations and walls. Damage may be easily repaired, but if neglected,  property repair costs can sore.


Cracked or leaking downpipes can cause the ground to shift, buildings to move  and walls to crack. Damaged valleys, or leaking gutters, can cause water damage to the interior of your property in heavy rains, cause extensive damage to your roof and interiors.


Regularly checking of your roof, gutter and downpipes is therefore essential for making sure your roof is in good condition and secure. A regular check and regular gutter cleaning is essential and perhaps consider the installation of gutter guards to prevent debris and leaves from causing the guttering to leak or overflow when it rains.


Auckland Spouting and Guttering offers expert solutions for:


  • installation of flashings

  • installation of fascias

  • installation of gutter guards /leaf guards

  • repairing or replacing gutters, downpipes

  • new gutter installation

  • new downpipe installation

  • installation and repair of box gutters


Repairing Gutters, Fascias and Downpipes


If your gutters, fascias and downpipes are leaking or rusting, Auckland Spouting & Guttering can offer you the right advice. We use only the highest quality gutter, fascia and downpipe materials for durability, corrosion resistant properties and superior paint finishes. With a great range of colours to choose from, our gutters, fascias and downpipes can be colour coded to complement your home’s existing paint scheme.


All new gutters, fascias and downpipes are covered by our written guarantee in addition to warranty.




Auckland Spouting & Guttering can provide fabricated custom flashing for Auckland roofs. We can manufacture metal flashing made to specifications with great value, service and lead times. We are the custom roof flashing experts in Auckland and we can create custom flashing in a wide range of quality metals including stainless steel, copper, galvanised steel, Zincalume and Colorbond.


As well as supplying custom flashing made to order, we also carry a complete range of pre-fabricated metal flashing supplies to suit almost any Auckland roof.












For all of your custom flashing and pre-fabricated metal flashing supplies, contact us for a free quote.




  • Completely rustproof alumimium cannot rust, unlike steel

  • Made from the heaviest aluminium material

  • Aluminium cannot crack

  • Manufactured in custom lengths

  • No seams mean no leaks on tricky joins.

  • Oven-baked, Pre-Painted factory finish

  • Tough and Durable

  • Innovative Gutter Design ensure that your house is protected from blockages and overflow

  • Stainless steel non rusting spiral nails for superior strength

  • High gloss double coat silicone modified polyester finish, for the harshest Auckland climates.

  • Extensive colour range

  • A stronger streamlined gutter supported by Concealed Alumimium internal brackets.

  • Our tradesmen complete the installation according to our exact requirements

  • Old guttering is removed from site - your property is left clean and tidy

  • Comprehensive warranties covering materials and workmanship


Gutter Guards:


Suppliers & Installers of superior gutter guard & leaf guard protection


Powder Coated Aluminium & Bluescope Steel Gutter guards


- Powder coated aluminium & zincalume steel means rust is not an issue.

- FIRE Proof & Council Approved for fire prone areas.

- Does not require large amounts of silicone to attach to your roof.

- 100% Bird & Vermin Proof. Prevent pests from entering your roof and ceiling.

- Removable should you ever require access to your spouting or guttering.

- Colour matched to your roof.

- Fits Over gutters not in, actually allowing debris to fall away.

- Written Guarantee.

- Self Cleaning.


Roof Valleys


A roofing valley is the area where two planes of a roof come together. Since rainwater running off a roof tends to accumulate in the valleys as it runs down, it’s important the valleys be properly sealed and shingled. This prevents any water getting under the shingles. There are two approaches to shingling valleys - a "closed" valley where the valley is covered over with shingles and the water simply runs down the surface - and an "open" valley where a water proof trough is created along the valley to channel the water off the roof. Both methods have been used for years but closed valleys have become more popular with the development of  waterproof shield materials.



Commercial Gutters


The most commonly specified commercial gutters are 175mm and 300mm however as each are specifically folded the dimensions can be varied greatly to suit any application provided appropriate fixing brackets are sourced.


Standard pressed internal brackets are available for the 175 gutter, however for extra strength specially fabricated steel external brackets are recommended (colour matched if required).


Auckland Spouting & Guttering can assist you with all your roof valley problems and solutions.


Guttering & Spouting Materials


  • Plastic Guttering

  • Elbow Downpipes

  • Downpipe Connector

  • All leading guttering & spouting brands

  • Zincalume Guttering

  • Zinc Angle

  • Quad Guttering

  • Zinc Square Downpipe Clips

  • Guttering Accessories

  • Zinc pops downpipe sqaure

  • Zinc square downpipe clips

  • Zinc Valley Gutter

  • Zinc Roll Top Ridge

  • Gutter Guard

  • Outdoor Black Plastic

  • Outdoor Super Gutter Guard

  • Gutterguard Ultrastrip

  • Staymesh Plastic Gutter Guard Ultra

  • Metallic Coated: Galvanised Steel, Zinc/Aluminium

  • coated steel.

  • Pre-Painted Steel: Colorsteel Endura, Colorsteel Maxx,

  • Colorcote ZR8, Colorcote ZRX, Colorcote ZM8 and

  • Colorcote ZMX.

  • Pre-Painted Aluminium: Colorcote ARX and

  • Colorcote AR8.

  • Other: Aluminium plain or mill finished, stainless steel,

  • pure copper or solid zinc, all subject to profile choice

  • and material availability




Zinc/allumnium alloy coated steel

The ZINCALUME® coated steel has been formulated to give a significantly longer service life than a galvanised coating. This is of particular value in New Zealand where the prevailing winds carry corrosive salt laden air many kilometres inland

Roofing & Flashings

Gutters and Downpipes



COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel has protected New Zealand homes for over 30 years. With contemporary designer colours and proven performance, COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel is the smart choice when it comes to roofing and cladding your home.





Multiline Fascia

An attractive and economical advance over timber fascias, Multiline Fascia can be

fitted with a range of spoutings for contemporary or traditional appearances


Rainwater Systems


Multiline Quad

Multiline Quad captures the colonial look with its gentle radiused front and strong swaging, blending traditional design with the styles of today


Custom Line

Customline is a larger, longrun version of the classic quarter round, and is deeper than other designs, for greater water carrying capacity and enhanced aesthetic appeal.



Highline is one of the most attractive domestic spoutings available, and has a high, sloping face to better cover the end view of domestic roofing systems.



Plumbline provides a large capacity domestic spouting which is also at home on smaller commercial work.




Spoutings and gutters must be regularly inspected to remove debris, which may cause ponding.


Few products are absolutely maintenance-free and are subject to the cumulative effects of weather, dust and other airborne deposits, some of which are extremely aggressive.


In order to ensure the maximum service life from the chosen coating system, the property owner should note the following maintenance advice:


• Soft soled shoes should be worn whenever walking on roofing to prevent damage to the coating; walk only in the pans of the profile, and on the purlin line whenever possible.


• Normal rainwashing will remove most accumulated atmospheric debris, but manual washing is required for areas which do not receive adequate rainwashing.


These areas, such as wall cladding under eaves, or sheltered areas where overlapping of roof areas occurs due to the design, are known as unwashed areas.


Other high risk areas that require manual washing include around flues and extractor vents, under television aerials and trees and sites prone to mould, lichen, bird droppings or debris.


• Spoutings and gutters must be regularly inspected to remove debris, which may cause ponding.


• Surfaces may be washed with water and a soft-bristled brush, or for larger areas waterblasting at pressures up to 20 MPa may be more appropriate.


• The following table shows maintenance requirements for roofing products relative to the environment in which the building is located.


Drinking Water


• Pre-painted and metallic coated products are suitable for the collection of drinking water.


• On new installations the first 25mm of rainfall should be discarded to avoid contamination from any manufacturing or installation residue.


• Some post-painted systems are unsuitable for the

collection of drinking water, check with the paint supplier for compatability.

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