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If your downpipes are leaking or rusting, Auckland Spouting & Guttering can offer you the right advice. We use only the highest quality gutter, fascia and downpipe materials for durability, corrosion resistant properties and superior paint finishes. With a great range of colours to choose from, our gutters, fascias and downpipes can be colour coded to complement your home’s existing paint scheme.


All new gutters, fascias and downpipes are covered by our written guarantee in addition to warranty.


Installing new downpipes and guttering


Whether you are renovating or building a new home, efficient collection or disposal of rainwater is essential to the maintenance of your property. Downpipes and good gutter installation is essential to prevent leaks and water damage to foundations and walls. Damage may be easily repaired, but if neglected,  property repair costs can sore.


Cracked or leaking downpipes can cause the ground to shift, buildings to move  and walls to crack. Damaged valleys, or leaking gutters, can cause water damage to the interior of your property in heavy rains, cause extensive damage to your roof and interiors.


Regularly checking of your roof, gutter and downpipes is therefore essential for making sure your roof is in good condition and secure. A regular check and regular gutter cleaning is essential and perhaps consider the installation of gutter guards to prevent debris and leaves from causing the guttering to leak or overflow when it rains.


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  • Completely rustproof alumimium downpipes cannot rust, unlike steel

  • Made from the heaviest aluminium material

  • Aluminium cannot crack

  • Manufactured in custom lengths

  • No seams mean no leaks on tricky joins.

  • Oven-baked, Pre-Painted factory finish

  • Tough and Durable

  • Innovative downpipe Design ensure that your house is protected from blockages and overflow

  • Stainless steel non rusting spiral nails for superior strength

  • High gloss double coat silicone modified polyester finish, for the harshest Auckland climates.

  • Extensive colour range

  • A stronger streamlined downpipe supported by Concealed Alumimium internal brackets.

  • Our tradesmen complete the installation according to our exact requirements

  • Old downpipes are removed from site - your property is left clean and tidy

  • Comprehensive warranties covering materials and workmanship

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